1. How fair are the games at your website? 

    We would like to reassure you that the algorithms used to generate cards on our site are completely random. Our games are developed using the same Sun Microsystem's Secure Random function for Java. The random number generator and the shuffle have been designed by a PhD in Mathematics. The software we use to randomise deals has been thoroughly tested and reveals no bias or predictability, and has been approved by eCOGRA . 

  2. What happens if game play is interrupted in the middle of a game round? 

    The state of each game round is automatically stored in the system database. This ensures that the last game state seen by the player always is restored when game play is resumed following an interruption due to system, Internet or serve failure, or due to problems at the client’s side. 

  3. How many decks are there in the Blackjack game? 

    4 and 6 decks are used in our Blackjack games. 

  4. Where can I find detailed instructions to your games? 

    Each of our games have the ‘Game Rules’ on the specific game page itself. 

  5. What are the average payouts for the website? 

    The payouts vary from game to game and over time; however, the theoretical payout lies in the range of 97 %. The payout of the games is hard-coded, and we do not adjust these

  6. Can I try the games for free? 

    Yes, you can play all games for free if you chose the ‘Play for Fun’ mode. 

  7. Can I remove a bet after placing it on the table? 

    Before the game has started this may be possible but after the start of the game, you cannot change or lower any bets. 

  8. What happens when I lose connection during a game round? 

    The game continues from the situation it was left in when you log in and open the game again.